Sell directly, at rate card,
and on a global scale

We created a direct tool for Publishers to reach ALL Advertisers.

Cut time and costs

Advertisers can click on a link that will allow them to create an account, directly from your website.

This means no more waiting time! Thanks to Directopub by Bucksense, ALL advertisers, big or small, near and far, can take advantage of the publishers offerings.

Create experiences

Directopub provides publishers with a branded, campaign management interface for advertisers to run self-serve direct campaigns without any minimum spends.

The interface features are fully customized to the expertise levels of advertisers, so even those with little to no experience can build creatives and set up campaigns. For managed campaigns, the interface streamlines the workflow of the in-house sales teams, optimizing the entire process and making it more time efficient.

No place is too far (or too small)

Partner directly with any advertiser.

Without the direct to publisher interface, direct campaigns are typically dominated by advertisers from huge companies with vast advertising budgets.

Directopub opens the door for everyone, of every size, budget, expertise level and geographical location.

Sell directly to advertisers anywhere, at any time. By enabling self-serve direct campaigns, Directopub has removed geographical, timezone and language barriers that have previously made direct partnerships difficult or even impossible.

The perfect solution for websites that can benefit from a direct sales platform

Which Publishers may take advantage of this?



Sites targeting specific industries of professionals (travel, lawyers, doctors, architects) or a niche of advertisers usually difficult for programmatic to reach.


vertical sites

Websites focused on consumers interested in a specific target (by area, topic or destination). Some examples are travel sites, social communities, etc.



Multibrand e-commerce sites that want to sell product visibility on their proprietary sites to the brands they sell.

To each his own

Bucksense operates all these services in behalf of the Publisher’s team, taking care of the implementation and a number of value added services, such as auditing of creatives and billing.

We take care of the boring stuff

While you focus on what matters the most

Advertisers who create an account, can run Video, Native and Display Campaigns that buy inventory directly from the publisher.

The flow is integrated seamlessly with your existing ad stack, and inventory is sold at the rate card you set!